Imagine a shopping list app that quickly shows you which product to pick up next.

QuickShopper learns from previous shopping sessions to guess the next item you will pick up. This way you fiddle less with your phone and can get on with your shopping.

Never forget the cat food again

Bobo the cat will thank you!

QuickShopper tracks how often you buy a product and suggests them to you when you add products to a shopping list.

Make shopping even faster and easier

Even less fiddling with your phone, what's not to like?

Add QuickShopper to your iPhone's notification center for even faster shopping withouth having to unlock your phone.

Keep your phone on your pocket

It's safer there

Pushing a shopping cart with one hand and holding your phone with the other is a dangerous combination. That's why Shopper is also on the Apple WATCH.

Get the same ease of use from Shopper's notification center widget but on your wrist.

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